Office Hours
Martial Arts Training Company
Office: (03) 8806 9374
10 Maroondah Hwy,
Ringwood VIC 3134
(Enter via the gates)
Jeremy S. getting ready for his Circle-of-Courage event.
Jeremy S. fending off Cory from a lapel grab.
Jeremy S. waiting for Tyler's attack.
Leo O. defending himself against Jack's bear hug attack.
Leo O. fighting off three attackers from the ground.
Leo O. waiting for the next attack.
Leo O. preparing to defend against Jack's gun.
Leo O. orders his assailants to the ground.
Jeremy S. has ordered his assailants to the ground.
Aidan H. fending off his attackers.
Tyler M. dealing with a wrist grab from Josh.
Aidan H. fending off a choke from Daniel.
Tyler M. ducking an attempted choke from Cory.
Tyler M. kicking it back to Jamie.
Leo goes in for a bear hug on Aidan H.
Jamie prepares for a lapel grab on Tyler M.
Tyler M. taking the gun from Cory.
Tyler M. ordering his attackers face down on the ground.
Tyler's attackers are on the ground. The event is over.
Leo O. getting ready for the next person in the Circle of Courage.
Daniel putting the hair grab on Ava C.
Brodie ducking Cory's attempted head lock.
Brodie fighting back against Cory's bear hug.
Brodie kneeing Jamie into submission.
Ava C. performing a break-fall.
Ava C. ready to face her next attacker.
Ava C. kicking the bag held by Leo.
Ava C. performing her ground defence.
Ava C. orders her attackers to the ground.
Brodie after ordering his attackers to the ground.
Jamie Law prepares to fight his attackers in Circle-of-Courage.
Jamie front kicking Brodie.
Ava preparing to fight the new Circle-of-Courage defender.
Tyler looks on.
Daniel S. going for a knee strike against Leo.
Jamie Law defends against Cory's batton.
Jamie round-house kick's a bag held by Brodie.
Daniel S. kicks Ava's bag while Aidan attacks from behind with a knife.
Daniel S. orders his attackers to the ground.
Jack M. defends against Ava's wrist grab.
Jack M. defends against Ava's choke.
Cory defends against Tyler's attempted head lock.
Jack M. fights off Aidan and Daniel's kick bags.
Jack M. defends against Ava's batton attack.
Cory defends against Jamie's knife attack.
Cory fights off Josh's bag.
Cory defends against Tyler's gun attack.
Jack M. orders his attackers to the ground.
Josh ready to defend against Cory's attack.
Josh fights off Jamie's attack.
Cory attacks Josh from behind.
Josh defends against Jamie's bear hug attack.
Josh using Jeremy as a shield against his attackers.
Josh defending himself from the ground.
Josh round house kicking from the ground.
Josh orders his attackers to the ground.
Our new black belts after their grading.
New black belts and their parents.
The Judging panel.
Black Belt Grading (11th June 2016) @ Ringwood, Melbourne, Australia