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Martial Arts Training Company
Office: (03) 8806 9374
10 Maroondah Hwy,
Ringwood VIC 3134
(Enter via the gates)
All the MTC Games competitors, judges and organisers.
The VIkings!
The Gladiators!
The Samurai!
The Spartans!
The Knights!
The Immortals!
Judge Raff.
Photographer Saphron.
Judge Josh.
Judge Julian.
Judge Paul.
Judge Sarah.
Judge Liz.
Eloise (Captain of the Samurai team).
Master David Cronin.
Masters David Cronin and Jamie Marsh.
Limbo event.
45 degree wall sit event.
Accuracy event.
Liam attempting the hang & hold event.
Watching the hang & hold event.
Spartans taking a well deserved rest.
Tex (Captain) working on Accuracy event.
Samurai team taking a rest break.
Vikings performing the loudest kihap event.
Vikings performing the loudest kihap event.
Liam and Rachel working on 45 degree wall sit event.
Rachel giving it everything she's got. Fantastic job!
Samurai warming up for their jumping event.
Kate performing box jump event.
Eloise performing hoop jump event.
Eloise performing hoop jump event.
Jack (Knight's Captain) practicing balancing beam event.
Warming up for hoop jumping.
Hunter warming up also.
Liam trying his luck at the accuracy event.
Rachel watching on.
Nerf gun action.
Jeremy (Spartan's Captain) performing limbo.
Jared (Immortals) smiling for the camera during push-up event.
Jack jumping high.
Eloise warming up for jump test.
Eloise ready to go.
Isobella trying her hardest.
Tex and his Gladiators.
Sophie working the 45 degree wall sit.
Here comes the pain.
Feeling the burn!
Jeremy jumping for his team.
Aimaan preparing to jump.
Aimaan jumping long.
Archie jumping long.
Daniel jumping high.
Daniel jumping high.
Jeremy showing his Spartans how its done.
The sit-up event.
More limbo.
Ava giving it her best.
Go the limbo.
Samurai team working the accuracy event.
Good throw!
Liam going for another hang & hold.
Hunter giving the grip test a shot.
The Ultimate plank test.
Jamie doing the forward stretch.
Best friends helping each other out.
Splits are cool!
Blind folded balance beam event - so not easy!
Its a very tricky event.
Go Rachel !
Jumping front kick competition.
Jumping front kick competition.
Jumping front kick competition.
Jumping front kick competition.
Competitors watching the finalists.
Eloise giving it her best during the Jumping front kick competition.
Tex reaching the skies.
Tex not landing particularly well.
Jeremy landing well.
Sarah giving it a go.
Liam doing the jumping front kick.
Eloise landing well.
Peter, Maddie & Sav looking after the sausage sizzle.
MTC Games (10th September 2016) @ Ringwood, Melbourne, Australia

Many thanks to Saphron Bonner for taking the photos.