• Grading Photos – 20th/23rd June 2018

  • Hi everyone, firstly from all of us here at MTC we’d like to thank the students, parents, team leaders, instructors and everyone involved in the Taekwondo gradings this week. We really appreciate your time, support, and help during a busy time.

    Your results will be given out at the start of next term (17th July) so be prepared for new belts, stripes, certificates and awards. As for now, this week (25-28 June) is all about fun and relaxing. We have the Movie Night on Friday so please sign up for that as it’ll be a lot of fun, games, music, dancing – and in the middle of it all, a G/PG movie.

    Now for the fun part – the photos.

    Wednesday Gradings

    Saturday Gradings

    Wednesday and Saturday Gradings

    Well done to our Black Belts and Cho Dan Bo’s for a great grading, and for all those who passed, congratulations.

    Thanks everyone.
    – The MTC Team