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Archive News 2013

New Term starting Monday

Posted on Fri-04-Oct-2013 11:10

A reminder to all our members:

Training starts again this Monday. BRING IT ON!

Remember, we now run boxing and MMA, as well as your new Taekwondo Fight Fit classes.

See you soon!

End of term!

Posted on Mon-16-Sep-2013 12:09

End of term is here again!

Congratulations to everyone who sat for their gradings last week... it was a great result.

Grading results will be given out at the first class next term.

Term 3 finishes up on Wednesday this week... we will have a two week break and be back fresh and ready to go on Monday 7th October for Term 4.

Next term we are introducing three exciting classes:

Fight Fit

This is far more than just Taekwondo sparring! It\'s fun and fitness as well! Open to all Juniors and Seniors, ages 8 and up!


This dynamic as fast moving class works on fitness, core strength and mobility. Our qualified boxing instructors will put you through your paces, learnng at the same time as getting a great workout. Open to ages 15+.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

The ultimate in self defence. This class takes elements of different martial arts (such as Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Hapkido and Krav Maga) to create an all round self defence style. Open to ages 15+.

MTC Ringwood hosts European Tour of Australia

Posted on Mon-12-Aug-2013 08:08

Taekwondo Australia has chosen MTC Ringwood to host elite Sparring Training Camp. This will take place on Saturday 7th September 2013.

Here is an excerpt from the Taekwondo Australia letter of invitation:

"It gives us much pleasure to invite Taekwondo Australia athletes and their coach to participate in this unique Sparring Training Camp under the guidance of Sweden’s Olympic and National Coach, Niklas Andersson and Denmark’s National Coach, Lennart Theilgaard.

These coaches comes to us with renowned international coaching reputations and several European squad members who have achieved outstanding results on the European A Grade Circuits, World Junior Champions and Olympic taekwondo squad members.

In addition, the camps will also include sports science and sports psychology to enhance the athletes’ competition competencies. We sincerely hope that Athletes and their Coaches will take the opportunity to participate in these exceptional series of camps, which without doubt, will be one of Australia’s premier Taekwondo instructional events of 2013."

For more details (including registration requirements) see the Taekwondo Australia website:

MTC Ringwood are proud to be Taekwondo Australia members and be associated with this elite event.

MTC Ringwood Grading Date

Posted on Sun-11-Aug-2013 09:08

Attention all MTC Ringwood members:

The grading this term will be on Wednesday 11th September. Watch this space for a timetable!

Kids Fun Taekwondo Birthday Parties

Posted on Sun-11-Aug-2013 09:08

Birthday Parties are here!

Here at Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Ringwood we host kids Taekwondo birthday parties! So the next time you needs to celebrate their special birthday we can help.

We supply our awesome venue with over 300 square metres of rubber matted surface, all the equipment, fun games, activities, entertainment, prizes and giveaways. Our expert instructors will make sure everyone has an awesome time!

The size of our venue ensures we can handle the largest birthday party, at a very affordable price.

Contact us today. Remember for current members of MTC we offer a big discount!

As an awesome bonus every kid attending will be eligible for 1 month of free taekwondo lessons!

So call us today and book in. See you soon!

Taekwondo Patterns Online

Posted on Wed-10-Jul-2013 08:07

At Melbourne Taekwondo Centre we are always trying to help our students achieve their dreams and goals!

We now provide videos of the patterns you need to learn on our website... here is the link:

We hope you are enjoying your holidays. Remember classed start back on Monday 15th July. See you then!

Ringwood martial arts

Posted on Thu-04-Jul-2013 04:07

Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Ringwood is one of several martial arts clubs offering services in the Ringwood area. But what is that sets our martial arts club apart from the rest, what is that makes Ringwood Taekwondo stand out from the rest?

Well asides from an outstanding reputation of over four decades of martial arts instruction in Australia, our martial arts club is one of the best equipped and staffed training centres that you will find this side of Melbourne.

Out training centre is simply HUGE, there is plenty of space for our members to move freely and unhindered without having to worry about injury through close proximity of other people and equipment. Not only is our martial arts training centre HUGE but it is also exceptionally well equipped with a large rubber floor and all the latest in martial arts training equipment.

Not only do we have a fully equipped martial arts training centre but we also have a fully equipped gym, with modern equipment and clean equipment for a comprehensive gym workout. This is available to members only and comes with access to professional fitness instructors.

At Ringwood Taekwondo Centre you can learn martial arts while getting fit and making new friends. You will be amazed at all the opportunities that come from training from us, including the opportunity to train and work overseas, the opportunity to compete at an international level and the opportunity to achieve a world renowned qualification, just to name a few.

Taekwondo is more than just a martial art, it is a way of life and as many people who do Taekwondo will tell you, it has changed their lives for the better and it can change your life too.

We are so sure that you will love our martial arts club, that we would like to offer you the opportunity to train for FREE for one month. All you need to do is give us a call and make an appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Call 8806 9374 today and book your first free session.

Patterns Seminar

Posted on Tue-02-Jul-2013 09:07

Taekwondo Patterns Class this Saturday

To all MTC Ringwood members:

We are running a special patterns class this Saturday 6th July for all red belt and black belt members.

Start time will be 2pm for a 4pm finish.

There is no charge! Our gift to you for your wonderful support this term.

David and Jamie.

School Holidays

Posted on Sun-30-Jun-2013 12:06

Hi to all MTC Ringwood members,

We are taking a break from regular Taekwondo classes for the school holidays.

Normal classes resume for Term 3 of this year on Monday 15th July... see you then!

We cannot wait to see everyone again... have a great break and enjoy the school holidays. Stay safe!

David and Jamie.

Martial Arts Ringwood

Posted on Wed-26-Jun-2013 06:06

If you live in Ringwood and you would like to learn martial arts then Melbourne Taekwondo is the best club for you.

Our instructors have 5th Dan Black Belts in Taekwondo but they also have lots of experience in various martial arts. This has allowed us to strengthen our martial arts technique and develop a unique comprehensive training program and fighting style.

At our martial arts club you will train with beginners and international champions alike. We accept and train people from a variety of experience levels, cultural backgrounds and age groups. If you are wondering whether you can train with us, then you should know that if you are old enough to read this then you are old enough to do martial arts at one of Melbourne premier Taekwondo clubs.

Best martial arts club in Ringwood.

As far as experience and recognition goes, it would be very hard to impossible to find better martial arts instruction in the Ringwood area.

Melbourne Taekwondo centre has produced numerous Olympic athletes and international champions and every single one of them started as White Belts. With our help either you or your child can become amazing martial artists, or alternatively if you are just looking for a fun way to get active and fit then we can help you with that as well!

Are we the best martial arts club in Ringwood? We certainly think so, but the only way that you can know that for sure yourself is if you take advantage of our “One Month FREE” offer and come down and try martial arts for absolutely FREE.

All you need to do is contact us and book in your free trial for yourself or your children. Martial arts classes commence back after the 15th of July 2012 at 10 Maroondah Highway Ringwood.

Ringwood Karate

Posted on Fri-21-Jun-2013 07:06

Karate classes in Ringwood

If you are looking for Karate Classes in Ringwood then yes, you are looking in the right place.

Taekwondo (formerly known as Korean Karate) has been practiced in Australia for over four decades ago our Grand Master Mr Jack Rosinsky founded the ‘Shuto Karate Club’ which later became Melbourne Taekwondo Centre.

At Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Ringwood, we teach traditional Korean Karate. Korean Karate (Taekwondo) is not only the most popular martial art in Korea, it is also the most popular martial art in the world with over 70 million active participants.

Karate Classes For Kids

At Ringwood Taekwondo Club, we love working with kids. Most of us started Taekwondo as kids ourselves so we understand how important it is for kids to have fun and develop confidence while learning Korean Karate.

We offer Korean Karate classes for children aged four years and up. Our teaching style is widely recognized as being one of the best in Australia and we have produced several Olympic athletes. Most of whom started Taekwondo as children or teenagers.

Korean Karate classes can help kids develop self-confidence and self-discipline. It offers the opportunity for kids to make friends with other enthusiast and positive children. We have found that these friendships are great, because kids will often encourage one another to work hard at karate so they stay at the same experience level.

If you or your child are interested in doing Korean Karate classes in Ringwood, we have classes running three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning. In these classes, we do our best to ensure that people are training with others of a similar experience level and age because we want you to feel comfortable and have a good time.

We offer all new members a one month FREE trial, provided they found us through our website or were referred by a friend or family member.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our fantastic martial arts club. Please click here to organize your free Korean Karate trial!

Taekwondo Tricking Seminar

Posted on Thu-20-Jun-2013 11:06

The Taekwondo tricking seminar that was scheduled for August has been cancelled.

Apologies for those affected.

Watch for further announcements....


Posted on Tue-18-Jun-2013 06:06


The social and ethical philosophies of Taekwondo not only create practical order in the social structure but also endow that order with a harmony that enhances the enjoyment of art, and heightens the appreciation of its many benefits. A keener sense of the worth of one’s instructors, colleagues, fellow student, and also of oneself, is developed. Further, this moral training flows through into the individual’s interaction with society.


Responsibility is a key concept, responsibility to oneself, responsibility of the student to the instructor and of the instructor to the student. From this responsibility springs discipline and determination, respect and loyalty.

The student who does not respond to the gift of instruction with conscientious effort is irresponsible. The instructor who is not properly qualified or who teaches without integrity or conscientious effort is even more irresponsible. The other instructor who teaches technical excellence without developing the moral character of his student is, perhaps the most liable, since the consequences of this kind of irresponsibility are not restricted to the individuals concerned, but can have wider social effect.

Respect and Discipline

It is because of this responsibility that the Head Instructor system is so strongly deep-rooted in Taekwondo, and it is only through this characteristic that the traditional values of respect and discipline can be preserved. It is through the special relationships that are fostered between instructor, student and parents, and between seniors and juniors that a spirit of generosity and cooperation flourishes, as we strive for common goals.

Wisdom, Courage and Determination

While we practice Taekwondo in an environment of respect and discipline, our critical faculties are sharpened, both within ourselves and towards others. We develop clarity of mind and purpose, and together with a strong sense of human offerings and decency, we develop wisdom and self- knowledge. Through this hard physical training imposed on us, initially by our instructors, and later by ourselves, we cultivate toughness of mind, courage and determination, the indomitable martial arts spirit, tempered with wisdom and empathy.

Ringwood Martial arts Classes

Posted on Wed-12-Jun-2013 08:06

Korean Martial arts Ringwood

The Korean Martial art commonly known as Taekwondo, has been practiced in Australia since the early fifties. During that time it has become an important part of many people’s lives, providing them the balance and self-discipline to succeed in life.
When you or your child train in Taekwondo you will notice that just about all of the people you are training with are focussed, well-balanced happy people. This is because people who do TAEKWONDO and other martial arts learn to recognize the value of commitment, confidence and striving to achieve the best that one can.

Taekwondo for Kids In Ringwood

We believe that the best time to start Karate or other structured martial arts is when you are young and flexible in your ways of thinking. This doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn martial arts, but for the children, the habits and lessons they learn now will stick with them for life and TAEKWONDO teaches fantastic life lessons.

We offer Martial art Classes for children aged four years and upward. We have a system in place that ensures that whatever their age, they will be training with peers of a similar experience level and age. This makes Taewondo a great place to make new friends and we have found that these friendships help to keep kids interested in sport in the long run.

Taewondo offers young people the opportunity to do a sport which will take them places and reward them along the way. Unlike cricket and football, TAEKWONDO is all about self-development rather than ‘team development’, the focus is on the individual achieving their personal best rather than what is best for the team. This kind of individual attention ensures that no-one is left on the sidelines in Taekwondo, and our instructors ensure that every child gets the personal attention they need in order to reach their personal goals.

If you or your child would like to learn Taekwondo then we would like to offer you the opportunity to try it for one month FREE. No strings attached. Just give us a call and we will book you in!

Preparation for Gradings & Competition

Posted on Tue-11-Jun-2013 08:06


Dan gradings are basically a test of concentration and focus. No instructor will recommend their student for the grading unless they are physically and technically prepared for it! It is your grading. Take control of it . . . . don’t let it control you. It is okay to feel nervous. If you do, acknowledge the feeling and use it as energy. During the grading, self-talk can help a lot.

During one step sparring, after the bare-hand self defence set, after the knife self defence set, after the club self defence set and after each pattern, turn your back to the examiners’ table and address your uniform. Use this time for mental and physical recovery. Use deep breathing to get your breath back, calm yourself, get your focus and relax before beginning the next pattern or grading exercise. After each pattern or exercise, talk yourself through what is to come next. If you know you have done well, give yourself a mental pat on the back and then re-focus on what comes next.

During the grading, if you are unsure of the examiner’s instructions, didn’t understand or couldn’t hear a question or request; don’t feel embarrassed, simply ask them to repeat it. (eg. “Excuse me Sir, did you say Taeguk Chil Jang?” or “ I’m sorry Sir, I’m not sure what you mean”)


Your grading is also a physical workout, intensified by the nervous and mental energy that is also expended. You should be fit enough to perform all of your patterns as well as your one-step and self- defence, then still have enough in reserve for two or more rounds of free sparring. If you train for this and use the breathing and re-focusing tips mentioned above, you should have no problems. Remember, during the grading, make the most of any short breaks. (eg. while addressing your uniform between exercises)


You must know all of your patterns. (eg. a 4th Dan may be asked to perform Taeguk 5). Whilst executing a pattern, you think you may have made a mistake, don’t stop, don’t let it show on your face and don’t try to go back and correct it. You will only draw attention to it and now you have made two mistakes! If you think you have made a mistake, put it out of your mind immediately and carry on regardless. It belongs to the past and what’s coming up next demands your full attention. Don’t let it ruin your focus. This rule applies equally to all areas of your grading.


Successful board breaking hinges on focus, concentration and breathing as well as a positive mental attitude to the exercise. Don’t rush it and don’t let yourself be rushed. Make sure your boards are set up exactly the way you want them. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to set up the boards. You only get one chance at each break.

Preparation before the grading is important. Start by working out the placement of your boards. This should be done with kick-bags or mitts before you even consider buying real boards.
Keep your techniques simple and effective. The difficult techniques are the ones that are most likely to let you down on the day.

For hand techniques, hammer fist and palm-heel are good and reliable. Punches are okay if you have done a lot of punching and your knuckles are in good condition but not recommended for breaking anything more than a single board – and only for senior males unless a senior instructor gives the OK.

Reliable foot techniques include, stepping side-kick (strike with heel, don’t push), roundhouse (strike with ball of foot) [not recommended], pushing front kick (strike with heel), turning back kick (strike with heel) and front kick or jumping front kick (strike with ball of foot) [once again not recommended].

It is most important that you feel comfortable with your choice of techniques.

Start practicing your breaking at least eight weeks before your grading. This will allow time for bruises to heal between sessions. Treat any bruises with R.I.C.E. immediately they occur. This is very important.

Practice breaking plastic boards or junior boards as often as you need to. Boards are expensive but so is failing your grading. You should have successfully executed each breaking technique, on regulation size boards, at least once during your lead up to the grading. This is a strong psychological plus. In doing this you should also become familiar with exactly where and how your boards should be set up for the grading. On grading day you should be able to set your boards up quickly, with a minimum of final adjustments.

When executing a break, set your board(s) up and check your distance. Stop and bow to the examiners. Before proceeding with the break check your distance one last time, you may have inadvertently stepped out of distance when you turned to bow. Take a deep breath. Focus through and beyond the board. Relax. Picture your hand/foot going through the board(s) up to the elbows of the holders. Ki-hap on each break.

Multiple breaks should be continuous but don’t go too fast. No-one has ever gone “over-time” in this exercise. If you fail to break a board you have not failed your grading. Keep your head, slow down and re-focus before going onto the next board. If you miss two boards in a row, it may be difficult to pass your grading. (But like most things in life not impossible.)

More on this to follow!

(Compiled by Jamie Marsh)

Taekwondo Gradings

Posted on Sun-09-Jun-2013 02:06

Gradings are conducted at the end of each school term.

Gradings are a means of measuring a student’s progress. Gradings are also an opportunity to assess progress and reward the student for their commitment to training. Being awarded coloured belts promotes confidence and rewards student achievement. Gradings require students to display a broad range of Taekwondoskills including patterns, self-defence and Olympic sport competition skills. At the senior level, students are required to learn about the history of Taekwondo, competition rules and the Korean terminology used by referees to control matches.

Assisted by your instructor, students should train hard, practice and acquire the skills necessary to attain the next grading. Prior to the grading day your instructor will assess your skills to judge if you are ready to grade. Your instructor may assist you with some minor refinements.

The student who is ready to grade will be given a grading application sheet by their instructor. Remember to practice. The grading is sometimes conducted in our normal class time, but sometimes the grading is held outside our club and you will be required to travel to another location. Your instructor will supply the information about the date, time and venue. The grading application must be completed and together with the Payment fee brought to the office. Make sure that you arrive at the grading venue on time. Relax be confidant and trust your training.

Grading certificates, stripes and recognition awards, will be presented in the first lesson at your club the following school term. Black belt students are reminded that it is correct etiquette to attend the grading to assist where possible and also witness the grading of fellow Black belts and junior belts.


Make sure your presentation is of a high standard at the grading. Iron your clean uniform. Remember students are assessed not only on physical skills but also on good manners and their attitude. All of this counts towards your grading.

More on grading presentation skills to follow!

(article by Jamie Marsh and David Cronin)

Tricking also known as trick kicks is coming to MTC ringwood

Posted on Mon-03-Jun-2013 06:06

On Saturday August the 17Th From 1pm until 6pm
you can have the pleasure of learning from some
of the best trick kick instructors in Australia
the price to be confirmed
more information available on the taekwondo victoria website
look forward to seeing you there

Taekwondo was once known as Korean Karate

Posted on Mon-03-Jun-2013 05:06

Taekwondo was once known as Korean Karate, and today is practiced by over 60,000,000 people in 186 countries throughout the world. It is an Olympic Sport and is normally seen as the most successful martial art in the world. We are also a proud member of Taekwondo Australia, and Taekwondo Victoria.

Taekwondo, or Korean Karate for kids is one of most popular martial arts programs. Martial Arts, Taekwondo, and Karate for kids has proved to be a very positive activity for the development of young people.

Taekwondo Sparring

Posted on Mon-03-Jun-2013 05:06

Sparring (Kyorugi)

Sparring is a practical exercise in self defence designed to transfer basic skills to real life sparring. Students must follow the coach’s instructions concerning the level of contact to be used to ensure safety. Yellow belt sparring is normally “promise sparring”, an exchange of skills with no contact. Blue belt sparring is “touch contact” with full protective wear. Red and black belt sparring is “controlled contact” with all protective wear.

Students should aim to develop a full range of skills including defence, footwork, attack and counter attack. The aim is simply to out-score your partner using your superior skills. Sparing drills will vary to focus on specific skills such as speed, counter attack or defence. All students must approach sparring in a positive manner regardless of the skill of their opponent. Attacking match-play minimises the effectiveness of your partner’s attack. Sparring is a valuable self defence experience and is a grading requirement at all levels. Sparring is a challenging experience, a combination of apprehension and exhilaration. All students must have the correct protective equipment prior to sparring and act in a responsible manner.

Predators written by Jamie Marsh

Posted on Sat-25-May-2013 01:05

Being Aware of Child Predators

Predators look for prey. If we present ourselves like a target, it increases our chances of becoming a target. Note: shy / introverted kids are more likely to be a victim. Let’s promote confidence, awareness and empower kids with skills and knowledge.

Predators are not dumb nor are they silly. There is no single profile for a predator. They can be anyone, according to victims around the world who are of all ages. They can be attractive, funny, intelligent, thoughtful as well as shy or awkward people. They will lie, cheat, steal and trick you or your children. They will make kids feel bad, ashamed or show attention and kindness. They may pay kids compliments and give kids what they want and need like positive feedback or the time to listen, anything to seduce them and make a kid go with them.

Statistics show that victims normally know their attacker and live or work close by. A known target area for predators is public rest rooms. Never feel uncomfortable to take your child of the opposite sex to a rest room with you. The first part of a predator’s process is the selection stage. Are you an easy target? The second stage is normally the testing stage. Testing a target can involve many things, for example learning their behavioural habits to see if they are vulnerable or more commonly it’s done with a question, eg. Can you help me? Which way to -------? Can you show me? Will you help me find my puppy? This is why it is recommended that names are not put openly on school bags; for example – put a dinosaur on instead. This is an avenue for predators to become familiar with their potential target. We need to encourage Strong Assertive Behaviour at this time as it can, has and does deter a predator.

Here are some sayings and advice that is part of our beat the bully and prepared for predators program.
  • if in doubt, get out.
  • Always escape yell and tell.
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Yell for help, scream, break or knock things over to draw attention to your situation.
  • Never ever go with a stranger.
  • No matter what they say or how they threaten you, you never give up you never give up you never give up.

The predator may not change their plan but they can and will change their victim. They don’t want a scene or draw attention to themselves as they don’t want to be identifiable and they don’t want to get caught.

Kids need to understand the importance of fighting back in this situation and never stop fighting back until they can escape yell and tell.

Let them know they can do nothing wrong if there trying to stay safe. Give them that knowledge. Empower them to take action. Remember running is taking control.

Remember to run or if need stun and run. Knowing this is like wearing a safety belt in a car. It is there for your protection but it is not meant to make you scared of driving or life.

Bullies written and compiled by Jamie Marsh

Posted on Mon-20-May-2013 06:05

In 2002, over 100,000 kids called the Kids Helpline on bullying. In 2003 over 300,000 kids called the Kids Helpline, just on the subject of bullying. It has been suggested that if we included in the statistics, the kids who did not tell any one or just told a friend, parent or teacher, we could multiply this figure a minimum of 6 -7 times. (And it is increasing). Harassment and bullying are serious issues that should not be ignored. It can be defined as any unwelcomed behaviour that offends, intimidates, humiliates or makes someone uncomfortable. The perception of whether or not the behaviour was of a harassing or bullying nature lies with the receiver. Whether it be physical (eg hitting / punching) verbal (eg teasing / name calling) psychological
(eg looks/gestures/social exclusions).

Results of bullying

Bullying has the unfortunate potential for the victim or the aggressor to follow them into adult life. For the bully this can mean they have learnt behaviour that is not socially acceptable and will be of a negative impact in life for research has shown that bullies are four times more likely than there peers to commit serious crimes, abuse drugs and alcohol. For the victim this can mean a lowering of self esteem. They generally avoid tacking risks and withdraw which impacts on relationships and all other aspects of life. For example for some, school work can suffer for others they may hide in there work and do well, or there health may be jeopardised.

Ways to help

Let’s promote positive confident communication. This will reduce the effects of being bullied and lesson the chance of such behaviour occurring and if it does we will be aware of it and now we’ll be prepared for it. Generally victims fear the situation will get worse and bullies fear the consequences of there actions. First I always suggest a slow and easy approach which allows for greater options. If a child approaches you encourage them to describe the situation, there feelings their response and what they would like you to do and how they would like you to do it. Talk about how you would like to help and let them know you will not do anything without them knowing. But never promise that you will keep it a secret or will not act upon the information. If you find out your child has been bullied I suggest you find a good time to talk. Which could be before bed time or after an activity when you are alone with them? They are commonly defensive / angry / frightened / distressed. Remind them that you love them that you would like to and need to help and that it is not there fault.

Things we can do

Avoid danger zones (areas the bullies visit) / tell people where your going
Walk away / Ignore / tell someone
Comply (let them have what they want) / tell someone
Talk ( tell them / to stop (Assertively) / tell someone
Approach the school / teachers
Supervised place at school allowing time for things to calm
Buddy system (an older kid in the school who will be a positive mentor)
Counseling / support groups
Schools that have an active anti bullying policy often employ a peer support program

Remember to practice speech (vocal tone), body language, skills and action plans for practice makes perfect.

At the MTC we always wear our concealed C.A.P.

Constantly Analyzing Persona

More to follow!

Beat the Bully Program written and compiled by Jamie Marsh

Posted on Wed-15-May-2013 02:05

If we reflect back on man’s history there have always been Bullies and Predators in all cultures throughout the world. There have always been people that crave / abuse power, people that want to take advantage of the weak or defenceless. There are people who feel bigger or better by bullying the little / the different / the minority people of the planet. The reasons are varied and too numerous to mention. What we need to do is be aware of it and prepare for I.T. Regardless of age or culture, anyone, in fact everyone can be a target any where at any time.

I.T. in the martial art world stands for Identifying Threats.

In nature, we find that weak does not attack, strong unless they are too young, too old, crazed or hungry. Unless they are crazed there must be a view of success.

This Beat the Bully and Prepared for Predators Program has been compiled over many years and the information is derived from many varied and different sources including but not limited to statistics, physiologists, psychologist’s different police departments, the FBI, victims, common sense and various martial art styles. This will assist in empowering children and parents with skills for life. Learning how to diminish doubt, promote and use confidence, self esteem, body language, our voice (vocal tone) and knowledge for self defence are all life improving skills. The following different techniques, questions, tools, tactics and strategies that have been brought together, are used to promote awareness and a positive inner belief within kids and at the same time, give them the knowledge of what to do and when to do it.

This has been designed to be used in conjunction with and enhance the MTC Ringwood Branch syllabus, which incorporates the dos and don'ts of self defence.

If you would like your kids to be a S.T.A.R. they need to remember to:

ASSESS – look listen and learn
REVIEW - respond / react eg escape, yell and tell - retreat / run.

More on this topic to follow!

High Performance Taekwondo Sparring Seminar

Posted on Sun-12-May-2013 09:05

Friday 10th May saw our first Taekwondo sparring seminar at Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Ringwood Branch.

A small group of dedicated students from MTC Eltham and Glen Waverley trained with the incomparable Rudy Pelgrims from Belgium.

For photos see the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Facebook page.

The students and other instructors attending were impressed with the physical size of MTC Ringwood, and the facilities provided.

Melbourne Taekwondo centre Ringwood Branch

Posted on Sun-12-May-2013 03:05

Learn Martial Arts In Ringwood now

If you would like to learn martial arts from a group of internationally experienced instructors and competitors look no further Melbourne Taekwondo centre Ringwood branch.

We are very proud to be part of Melbournes oldest and most renowned Taekwondo Club which has produced numerous Olympic athletes and top notch sporting competitors.

Melbourne Taekwondo Center has been training White Belts to Black Belts for decades and during that time we have helped many people find balance and success in their lives through the rewarding training that Taekwondo offers.

For residents of Ringwoodand the surrounding suburbs, we offer a fun family friendly program that caters to all skill levels inmartial arts

Its One of the Biggest Martial Arts Training Centres In Melbourne

you will love the sight of our fully equipped martial arts training centre in the heart of Ringwood.

It was designed and it was created to help people achieve there goals.Its a Martial Arts Super Centre.

It really is a great training centre that has played host to several famous international martial arts specialists and for a very affordable price, you too, could have access to this incredible facility.

We have a fully comprehensive gym, kicking bags, punching bags, several wardrobes of self defense tools, specialist personal training equipment and the list goes on.

Our aim is to offer a fully comprehensive martial arts training centre, and we believe we have achieved this in Ringwood.

Try Martial Arts For FREE

We would like to invite you, your family and friends to come try martial arts for free. We loveTaekwondo so much we would like to offer you one month of free martial arts training!

Come see and feel the benefits from learning a martial art and potentially life saving skills from highly specialized martial arts instructors who love what they do.

Simply contact us and we will do the rest!

Ringwood Taekwondo

Posted on Mon-06-May-2013 01:05

We would like to welcome all Ringwood residents to come try Taekwondo for free.

Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the world and can provide great opportunities for international acclaim and glory.

Some people like to do taekwondo because they want to be superb athletes, others do taekwondo because they want to learn self-defense and be able to protect themselves and others. Some people just enjoy being a part of a proactive community who value self-discipline and confidence.

Whatever your reason, we welcome you come experience the amazing sport that is Taekwondo.

All you need to do is give us a call on 03 8806 9374 and we will organize for you to come down and try the incredible martial art that is Taekwondo.

Great for all ages and all experience levels welcomed.

Ringwood Taekwondo

Posted on Mon-22-Apr-2013 12:04

Under the supervision of two highly qualified and experienced Taekwondo instructors, Jamie and David, Melbourne Taekwondo Centre has officially opened a new branch in Ringwood.

"This is an exciting opportunity for local Ringwood residents to have access to one of Melbourne's oldest and most prestigious martial arts clubs" says Ringwood resident and martial arts enthusiast "Valerie Garcia".

With many local people in the area having to travel so far to find a decent martial arts club, it's very convenient that Melbourne Taekwondo Centre has chosen Ringwood as the destination for their newest and largest branch.

One thing that really sets Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Ringwood apart from many of the other martial arts centers in Eastern suburbs is the overwhelming size of the Dojang (Taekwondo centre). It is the largest full-time specially outfitted centre of it's kind in Eastern Melbourne and it is built to service large classes and competitions alike.

We look forward to watching this new Melbourne Taekwondo Centre branch flourish under the care of Jamie and David.