• Little Dragons Classes

  • For kids ages 3-5 years. The Little Dragon's pre-school education program is a perfect pathway for young children to build confidence and self esteem while learning to work as a team. This comprehensive program encourages and invites parents and relatives to join in each class as their child develops skills for life.

    • Focus on listening, talking and respect
    • Improve concentration and balance
    • Enhance their coordination
    • Increase core-strength/stability
    • Promote confidence
    • Grow their team-work skills
    • Learn how to be bully-proof!
  • Each class is thirty minutes long and runs twice a week. Parents are encouraged to come into the classroom and can either participate or sit and watch. It helps your Little Dragon to know that you're close by if they need you.

    A normal class will start off with Taekwondo. We bow in, then practice our punches, palm-heels, and blocks, followed by kicking. We follow up on our resources, talking about subjects such as 'stranger danger', 'avoiding strange animals and pets', discussing emotions and feelings with Mum and Dad, who to go to for help when you're scared, sad, etc. After that, we will run an obstacle course, maybe throw frisbees, or roll a ball around. Followed by games until the class finishes, and we bow out.

    As Little Dragons progress we will also award them new stripes on their belt for good behaviour, achievement of milestones, or just having lots of fun. When your Little Dragon is ready, the instructor will discuss with you about when its time to progress to the Musketeers class.