• Weapons

  • MTC offer Weapons training as part of our Black Belt syllabus program. We teach the fundamentals which include foot-work and stances, blocking and striking, as well as a duty of care, etc.  We also teach how to use everyday defensive objectives (or EDTs) which uses any physical object as a weapon.  These include an umbrella, walking cane, a can of soup, etc.

    We start off initially with a Bo-staff where we set the foundation of your weapons training. We learn how to strike close and from a distance, spins, and blocks. We also learn a pattern to reinforce the instruction. Then we progress to Sword, Escrima and finally Knife.

  • As part of the Weapons syllabus, we also teach other weapons such as Firefly (blunt Butterfly) knife, Nunchaku, Axe, Kama, Fighting Fans, Butterfly Sword, Sai, Baton, Extendable baton (available to law enforcement and security personnel only), and Tonfa. These are only permissible by the head instructor and under strict supervision.