• We’re back! 30th January 2018

  • Hi everyone, We’re back! Hope you all had a great holiday! We are gearing up for term 1 on Tuesday, 30th January 2018.
    We’ll be handing out the rest of last year’s grading certificates, new belts, stripes and special awards. Make sure you’re there to get your results.
    Grading Fees Note: Grading results cannot be given out if you or your child haven’t paid last term’s grading fees. Please talk with reception.
    This term we have the following events:
    Also our new timetable:
    • New classes on Friday afternoons
    • Little Dragons class has moved from Saturday to Friday
    • On Thursdays/Fridays, we’re running combined Junior and Senior classes together so Mum & Dad can join in with their kids.
    • Poomsae class is now called “Competiton and Grading class” which runs on Tuesdays and Saturday
    We also have a public holiday (Labour Day) on the 12th March – so no classes on that day.
    Hope everyone has been practising their patterns and self-defence over the holidays.
    See you soon!
    The MTC team