• About Us

  • Martial Arts Training Company (MTC) was established in 1999 and is proud to be part of the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre established in 1963 by Grand Master Mr Jack Rozinsky.

     The MTC mission is one of commitment.

    A commitment to provide World Class age appropriate effective Martial Art instruction to each and every one of our students. This is done in a fun, family-friendly, safe and positive environment that promotes mutual respect and courtesy.

    This helps create our culture that encourages, motivates and inspires people of all ages to challenge themselves. This leads to a healthy, more balanced lifestyle with strong values, virtues, and confidence. This comes from a stronger mind, body, and spirit created through Martial Arts.

    This is based on our unwavering belief that Martial arts profoundly improves lives.

  • What we will do for you.
    Creating confidence, respect, self-esteem, and self-worth is all part of the journey to achieving black belt and beyond.

    We will help you get fit, make friends and have fun in a family-friendly environment. We will help you develop a strong mindset, confidence, and a fighting fit mentality.

    We will teach you defensive and offensive techniques, including strategies empowering you to defend yourself, family and friends. We achieve this in a modern, comfortable and safe training centre.

    Our Instructors.
    All of our experienced and trained instructors are highly motivated with the goal of helping you reach your goals. They are all First Aid Qualified and have a Working with Children's card.