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MTC Ringwood

Martial Arts Training Company (MTC) Ringwood was established in 1999 and is proud to be part of the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre, which was established in 1963 by Grand Master Mr Jack Rozinsky.

The MTC Ringwood dojang boasts state-of-the-art facilities, providing a well-equipped training environment for martial arts enthusiasts. From spacious training areas to top-notch equipment, our dojang ensures optimal conditions for students to hone their skills and reach their full potential.

The MTC mission is one of commitment

Our commitment is to provide world class age appropriate effective martial art instruction to each and every one of our students. This is done in a fun, family-friendly, safe and positive environment that promotes mutual respect and courtesy.

Our vibrant culture creates an atmosphere that encourages, motivates, and inspires people of all ages to challenge themselves. This leads to a healthy and balanced lifestyle rooted in strong values, virtues, and confidence. Such transformation arises from the cultivation of a resilient mind, a strengthened body, and a nourished spirit through the practice of martial arts.

This is based on our unwavering belief that martial arts profoundly improves lives.

What we will do for you

Creating confidence, respect, self-esteem, and self-worth is all part of the journey to achieving black belt and beyond.

We will help you get fit, make friends and have fun in a family-friendly environment. We will help you develop a strong mindset, confidence, and a fighting fit mentality.

We will teach you defensive and offensive techniques, including strategies empowering you to defend yourself, family and friends. We achieve this in a modern, comfortable and safe training centre.

Our Five-point Principle

When people ask me about what I learned from martial arts, I don’t talk about favorite punches or kicks, or about fights won or lost.
I talk about learning self-discipline, about ethics and manners and benevolence and fairness.

– Jonathan Maberry

Our Instructors

At our martial arts club, our dedicated instructors possess a wealth of experience and exhibit exceptional teaching abilities. With years of training and expertise under their belts, they bring a profound understanding of the art and its principles to every class.

Their passion for martial arts is evident in their commitment to continuous self-improvement and their unwavering dedication to guiding students on their martial arts journey. Through their patient and supportive approach, they create a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth, skill development, and the cultivation of discipline.

With their depth of knowledge and remarkable teaching skills, our instructors inspire students to reach new heights and instill a love for all martial arts that extends beyond the training mat.

Ready to learn new skills for life?

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