• Frequently Asked Questions

    • I've got a child who is interested in Taekwondo, how do we get started?

      Firstly we recommend bringing your child down for a FREE two-week trial. Generally, by the end of two weeks, you'll know if your child is still keen to learn Taekwondo. When you know they can't wait to get back to classes, talk with our helpful reception to determine the best class (or classes), fees and so on. We have a number of different instructors and it's quite common for children to gravitate to one or two of them. We want your child to have the best experience in class. If you would like to talk with the instructor please let reception know so they can arrange a quick chat- please note that the instructor maybe busy however reception, another instructor or black belt may be able to assist your with your inquiry.

    • What age can they start and in what class?

      We have age ranges for different classes, such as Little Dragons (3-5 years), Musketeers (4-7 years), Juniors (8-12), Seniors (13+), and so on. However it isn't a hard a fast rule for students on which classes they will go into. We take into account maturity, prior martial arts experience, and self-motivation.

    • Can I join my child in the classroom?

      For Little Dragons we do ask parents to remain in the classroom to watch and be seen by their child. However for all other classes we do ask parents to remain in the waiting area. We will come and get you if there is a problem. We also ask if you have younger children that you ensure they don't run in and out of the classroom while class is in session, or allow them to play with equipment that might hurt them.

    • As a beginner, will I have sore muscles?

      Most likely unless you regularly do other sports that requirement sudden movements and stretching. DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is your body's way of communicating that it is healing. Unless you're injured we recommend you keep training and the DOMS feeling will pass within 1-2 weeks.

    • How long will it take to get my black belt?

      Roughly speaking, about 2-3 years. The great thing about Taekwondo (and Boxing and MMA) is how you progress is entirely up to you. If you keep showing up for classes, you'll progress. If you practice at home, you'll progress faster.

    • How many classes per week can I do?

      Our training packages include either a single class per week, two classes per week, or Unlimited. Normally our students take up the Unlimited package as its both cost-effective, and they can attend any class during the week (suitable for their age group and belt level.) We run thirty-five classes each week (Monday to Saturday) so there are plenty to choose from.

    • Will I lose weight doing taekwondo?

      Yes, most likely. If you consistently come to classes, eat a healthy diet and limit your sugar intake (including soda drinks), you will generally lose weight.

    • Can I organise a private lesson?

      Yes, MTC does provide Taekwondo/Boxing/MMA private lessons on request. You can work one-on-one with an instructor to hone a difficult technique or skill, maybe work on a specific goal or just catch up on a class. Please speak with reception about private lessons. Nb. Subject to instructor availability.

    • What is a team leader?

      A Team Leader is a student who assists and teaches groups in classes. After six months training, a student (generally under 13 years) can request to join the Team Leader Program. A team leader is expected to know their syllabus (up to their belt level) to teach others in other classes (they still are expected to train in their own classes.) We start the Team Leader with a black belt or instructor who will show them what to teach, how to teach, how to communicate with other students, motivate and most of all, have lots of fun. We generally pick from the group of Team Leaders for assisting at events such as Movie Night, Birthday parties, etc, and are paid for their time. There is a whole lot more to the Team Leader Program. Most of the information is found in the Student section which has a password. Please contact reception for the password, or alternatively, the student can talk with the Senior or Head Instructors.

    • When do I get my membership card?

      When you join, we’ll take a head-and-shoulders photo for your Membership Photo ID. Your card will be processed and generally available next time you come to class. Use it from then on to scan and log your attendance for every class or visit.

    • What kind of championships do you run and how often?

      We hold competitions at a club level and local level with other MTC clubs. We also attend the annual Taekwondo competitions in both Poomsae and Sparring from State and Regional levels, and overseas competitions. Talk to our head instructors about your interest in attending the competitions.

    • What is the Belt-Up Program?

      MTC Ringwood follows the school terms and we normally close down over the holidays. However, in the meantime, we run a school holiday program called Belt-Up. It's an intensive program which boils down to a whole term's worth of training in only five days, and we also include a grading at the end. Keep an eye out for the posters in the waiting room, or watch our website or download our Team App.