Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-07-03T11:47:33+10:00

Frequently Asked Questions

For anyone starting their martial arts journey, they may feel nervous and concerned at first. Below are some frequently asked questions, however if you have more questions especially relating to a specific fighting style, do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly team members for more information.

I’ve got a child who is interested in Taekwondo, how do we get started?2023-05-16T23:52:58+10:00

Firstly we recommend bringing your child down for a FREE two-week trial. Generally, by the end of two weeks, you’ll know if your child is still keen to learn Taekwondo. When you know they can’t wait to get back to classes, talk with our helpful reception to determine the best class (or classes), fees and so on that suit your wants and budget. 

We have a number of different instructors and it’s quite common for children to gravitate to one or more  of them. We not only want your child to have fun get fit and make friends in this inclusive dynamic environment we create marvellous memories with thousands of positive moments.  If you would like to talk with the instructor please let reception know so they can arrange a quick chat – please note that the instructor may be busy however reception, another instructor or black belt may be able to assist you with your inquiry.we will always do our best to help and support our students their goals are our goals. 

If your child is shy or hesitant, we do recommend if it is possible they come with a friend or family member as this familiar entity will help build their familiar confidence in this new and exciting environment that will enrich their lives.

What age can kids start and in which class?2023-05-16T23:53:04+10:00

We have age ranges for different classes, such as Musketeers (4-7 years), Juniors (8-12) and Seniors (13+). This guideline in rare circumstances may change. As We do take into account each individual example maturity, prior martial arts experience, and self-motivation is part of the evaluation. Please note: the above is a general guide. MTC prides itself on individual development and place people where they can be still be challenged but not so far outside their depth that it plays a negative part in their perceptions.

Can I join my child in the classroom?2023-05-16T23:53:09+10:00

For our musketeers classes (ages 4-7), parents/guardians are advised not to be in the class as this can distract your child from independent thinking and lose focus easily. Parents may watch them from our viewing area.

On the other hand, if you’d like to participate in Taekwondo with your child and would like to join them on this journey, we have classes allocated for this. We love families training together and support it by offering family discounts on term and grading fees.

If there are any special needs or learning differences, please let us know asap. We also ask if you have younger children that you ensure they don’t run in and out of the car park & classroom and you keep an eye on them at all times. We do have an amazing arcade and entertainment area that the kids share & love. Sharing is caring.

As a beginner, will I have sore muscles?2023-05-16T17:23:31+10:00

That depends on your personal fitness routine. DOMS (delayed onset muscl soreness) refers to muscle soreness that often develops after engaging in new or high intensity exercise. Although DOMS can be uncomfortable, it is a natural response to exercise and is not usually a cause for concern. Go slow don’t over extend yourself have fun and don’t compare yourself with others. Enjoy the journey. Remember comparison is the thief of joy.

Do I need any prior martial arts experience to practise Taekwondo?2023-05-16T17:24:33+10:00

No, beginners are welcome in Taekwondo and all our general classes. Instructors  teach basic techniques and gradually build up to more advanced techniques as students progress.

How long will it take to get my black belt in Taekwondo?2023-05-16T23:53:41+10:00

This is highly dependent on how often you train and your commitment level. On average most people obtain their black belt in Taekwondo in about 4-6 years. Your progress is entirely up to you. If you keep showing up for classes, you’ll progress. If you practice at home, you’ll progress faster. Like anything, effort and time is the recipe for success.

How many classes per week can I do?2023-05-16T23:54:27+10:00

Our training packages include either a single class per week, two classes per week, or Unlimited. Normally our students take up the Unlimited package as its both cost-effective, and they can attend any class during the week (suitable for their age group and belt level.) We run thirty-five classes each week (Monday to Saturday) so there are plenty to choose from.

Will I lose weight doing Taekwondo?2023-05-16T23:53:59+10:00

Yes, Taekwondo and all martial arts burns calories. That said, it is dependent not just on what your fitness routine is like outside of Taekwondo, but also on your nutrition. As with anything, have a solid intention on what your health goals are and maintain consistency with your fitness regime and diet.

Can I organise a private lesson?2023-05-16T23:54:12+10:00

Yes, MTC offers private lessons in Taekwondo, Boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Personal Training (PT) on request. 

You can work one-on-one or as a group with an instructor to hone a difficult technique or skill, maybe work on a specific goal or just catch up on a class. Please speak with reception about private lessons. This service is subject to instructor availability.

What is a team leader?2023-05-16T23:54:16+10:00

A Team Leader is a student who wants to give back and help others. They assist and help teach various groups in classes. It’s an amazing program not offered to all students as we only choose responsible reliable respectful resourceful behaviours and we teach them advanced communication skills based on empathy patience understanding and awareness After atleast 1-2 year  period of time, a student can request to join the Team Leader Program. 

A team leader must  know their syllabus (up to their belt level) so they are  able to help teach others in other classes a TL condition is they still  train in their own classes. We start the Team Leader with a black belt  instructor who will show them what to teach, how to teach, how to communicate with other students, motivate and most of all, have lots of fun being part of shared experiences with kids from all walks of life. We pick from the group of Team Leaders for assisting at events such as Movie Night, Birthday parties, etc, and are rewarded for their time. 

There is a whole lot more to the Team Leader Program.

It’s a highly developed educational program that will create and instill skills that will help your child for the rest of their lives 

Note: We only take the most reliable and respectful people from our team leader program into our trainee instructors program which have units of competencies which reflect the standards of a Cert. III in Training

Most of the information is found in the Student section which has a password. Please contact reception for the password, or alternatively, the student can talk with the Senior or Head Instructors.

What kind of championships do you run and how often?2023-05-16T23:54:32+10:00

We hold competitions at a branch club state national and international level including pathways to the Olympics.  Melbourne Taekwondo Centre is proud to say we have  had one or more people representing Australia at the Olympic level for over two decades. 

Melbourne Taekwondo Centre boasts Australia’s first world champions in both fighting and Poomsae (both are amazing ladies Carmen Marton and Bronwyn Butterworth) 

If you would like to compete and attend these  annual Taekwondo competitions in both Poomsae and Sparring from State and Regional levels, and overseas competitions, talk to your head instructors about your interest and the requirements needed

What do I need to bring to the class?2023-05-16T21:51:06+10:00

Just A water bottle. We will create the smile and sweat. After a short period of time if you join the program you’ll need hand wraps, boxing gloves, comfortable athletic wear, and shoes with good traction. Initially we supply the boxing gloves, and all the equipment you need. Just sanitize and return them before you leave.

Do I need any prior boxing experience to attend the class?2023-05-16T21:52:01+10:00

No, most boxing classes cater to beginners through to advanced level students alike. For beginners, we will teach you the basic techniques. For the advanced, we will add to your skills and strengths and help develop any holes or weaknesses in your game.

Is boxing safe?2023-05-16T21:52:25+10:00

Boxing and all martial arts are safe  as long as you follow the proper technique, respect each other wear proper gear, and train with a qualified and experienced instructor.

Will I be sparring in the class?2023-05-16T21:53:38+10:00

Yes, however it only occurs over time and is dependent on a development of skills and maturity. There are different developmental levels that each individual must go through and demonstrate before even light contact is reached and always with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Sparring is part of martial arts and we have full contact classes available to those who wish to train in these combatives at a higher level.

How often should I attend boxing classes to see results?2023-05-16T21:54:23+10:00

This will depend on your fitness goals, but we recommend attending at least two to three classes a week.

How long are the classes?2023-05-16T21:55:44+10:00

Classes are designed per age group and broken into sections that support various areas of development:

Musketeers (4-7 years) is 25 min, Juniors (8-12 years) is 40 min and Seniors (13+) is 55 min.

What kind of workout should I expect from a boxing class?2023-05-16T21:56:25+10:00

You can expect to get a full-body workout that involves cardio, strength training, and agility drills. You will sweat smile and learn something 😀

Can I attend a boxing class if I have an injury?2023-05-16T21:56:56+10:00

It’s always best and recommended that you consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program, especially if you have an injury. Pain is your bodies way of saying stop. That being said, there are many ways we can still train around different injuries or hurdles that can help and support your recovery program.

What is the age requirement for attending a boxing class?2023-05-16T21:57:26+10:00

Generally from 10 years and up.

How much does a boxing class cost?2023-05-16T21:58:37+10:00

We have multiple competitive membership options depending on how many classes/styles you wish to attend. The more classes you attend the cheaper it is. Contact us to enquire or book a free 2 week trial today.

Do I need any prior MMA experience to attend the class?2023-05-16T22:01:25+10:00

No, not at all. However, the MMA program is our only program that requires you to train in at least two other martial arts. (Eg: Taekwondo & Boxing, or Boxing and Jiu Jitsu, etc). MTC Ringwood is proud and privileged to be able to offer multiple martial arts classes that you can take all under the one roof at a heavily reduced rate. 

What should I bring to the MMA class?2023-05-16T22:02:33+10:00

Initially just a water bottle. After a short period of time however you will need a uniform (Gi) and protective equipment such as your shin & arm guards, elbow pads and mouth guard. You must wear a rashie or t-shirt underneath your dobok or gi (martial arts uniform). It is required to be worn clean and every one smelling nice (personal hygiene is being respectful to yourself and others). 

Is MMA safe?2023-05-16T22:03:12+10:00

MMA like all martial arts is safe as long as you follow proper technique, wear proper gear, and train with a qualified instructor. And work within your individual range leave your ego at the door and empty your cup. Smile, sweat and have fun.

Will I be sparring in the class?2023-05-16T22:03:48+10:00

Our MMA classes do involve ‘rolling’ which is a form of sparring, particularly in Brazilian Jit-Jitsu. That escalates over time with skills and experience.

How long are the classes?2023-05-21T21:50:26+10:00

Our classes are 55 minutes long.

What is the age requirement for attending an MMA class?2023-05-16T22:05:13+10:00

The general age is 10 years and up, however there may be an exception depending on maturity and experience level.

How long will it take me to get my black belt in MMA?2023-05-16T22:09:02+10:00

This is highly dependent on how often you train in MMA as well as your other martial art classes. Our ranking system matches an international ranking system and is based on an individual’s dedication and training. It’s also worth noting that MMA training is a continuous process, and even experienced fighters continue to learn and improve throughout their careers.

It is possible to receive your black belt in MMA in around 6 -7  years (conditions apply) and the syllabus covers boxing/kickboxing, Muay Thai, take down defence, wrestling, ground and pound, and BJJ techniques equivalent to a most blue belt in BJJ curriculum. However, be mindful that each martial art style is different, which also means that the time it takes to get a black belt in various martial arts is also different. Getting a black belt in MMA does not necessarily mean you are a master of all martial arts.

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and how is it different from other martial arts?2023-05-16T22:49:32+10:00

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that focuses on controlling and submitting opponents through the use of technique and leverage rather than striking. Proving that little can and does beat big, and that skill beat’s strength 9/10 times.

What should I expect in my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class?2023-05-16T22:50:18+10:00

In your first class, you’ll  learn some basic techniques positions  and drills. You will have the opportunity to practise with other beginners and more advanced students. All our instructors are passionate supportive and caring. The culture we have is reflected in our staff and students. We are welcoming, and you’ll be encouraged to ask questions and go at your own pace.

Do I need to be physically fit to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?2023-05-16T22:51:23+10:00

No, you don’t. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be practised by people of all ages and fitness levels. Beginners can start with basic techniques and gradually build up their strength and endurance over time. Learning BJJ can and will change and improve your life in so many ways if you allow it to. Missed opportunities can seldom be regained 

How long does it take to get a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt?2023-05-16T22:52:19+10:00

The time it takes to earn a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu varies depending on the individual’s dedication, training, and competition success. It typically takes 10-15 years of consistent training to reach the black belt level and requires a high level of commitment, dedication and determination.

Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu effective for self-defence?2023-05-16T22:52:46+10:00

Yes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is highly effective for self-defence because it focuses on ground fighting and submission holds, which can be used to control and neutralise attackers without causing permanent harm. It’s a wonderful tool for military law enforcement  and security groups.

Can women train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?2023-05-16T22:55:19+10:00

Absolutely! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport for everyone, and particularly excellent for women to learn self-defence. As leverage and skill, not strength, wins the majority of times.

What is the age requirement for attending a BJJ class?2023-05-16T22:55:59+10:00

Generally 10 years and up.

Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a good workout?2023-05-16T22:56:59+10:00

Yes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a full-body workout that includes strength training, cardio, core muscles and flexibility. It’s an amazing complete full body work out that will help your heart and head, as it involves thinking  quickly while solving multiple problems on the go, just like life.

What is the difference between gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?2023-05-16T22:57:24+10:00

Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is practised with the traditional uniform, while no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is practised without the gi. A rashie or no top No-gi typically focuses more on wrestling and takedowns and is more commonly associated with MMA.

I have zero experience with martial arts. Which class would be a good one to start with?2023-05-16T23:46:22+10:00

Every class we teach has a semi private time period allocated as part of that class structure for new students. It’s at this time we get to know you a little bit more and go through basic skills and drills at a pace that suits the individuals needs until they are ready to join the main group at a faster pace and energy. We therefore recommend booking a free 2-week trial with us to see which classes resonate with you.

What are your membership options?2023-05-16T23:47:35+10:00

There is an annual membership fee that covers basic insurance administration and association fees needed to run a martial arts school. There are Term fees for one or more classes to cater for individuals wants and goals. Grading fees occur at the end of each school term. This supports our assessment criteria and  enables  us to give personalised feedback to help you progress on your martial arts journey more informed and at a better rate. Contact us so we can send you our membership options.

Do I need to be fit to start a martial arts class?2023-05-16T23:48:14+10:00

No! Not at all. There are many people who put a hurdle or obstacle in front of their wants and needs, that slows them down and in most cases stops them from progressing. Remember every journey starts with a single step.

What’s a grading?2023-05-16T23:49:21+10:00

A grading is the time where students are able to develop & strengthen their self esteem, self worth and confidence by challenging themselves in front of a group of their peers. This is the time where they are able to showcase their skills and knowledge that they have been developing throughout the term. This is a formal assessment time, which  enables us to provide better individual feedback. Allowing us to guide and support them in a more productive and individualised manner, as they keep moving forward on their martial art journey. Gradings are a vital part of student development.

Do I need to grade for every martial arts class?2023-05-16T23:50:36+10:00

The simple answer is yes. By creating a platform (belt or stripe) and expanding on it, we can get to a higher level. This helps people of all ages not be afraid of change or challenges that occur in life, which also helps all of us grow. Small achievable goals help us manage and progress further in martial arts and in life. Gradings are a vital part of student development.

I can only do one class a week. Is that okay?2023-05-16T23:51:14+10:00

Yes, no problem at all. Many people can only attend one class and train at home. It will take you longer to develop the skills techniques and knowledge required of a black belt. Remember, a black belt is just a white belt who didn’t give up.

Do you offer private 1-on-1 lessons?2023-05-16T23:51:44+10:00

Yes, subject to instructor availability.  The price does change according to instructor’s credentials and experience.

Is your club accessible for wheelchairs?2023-05-16T23:52:33+10:00

Sadly, no. However there are other Melbourne Taekwondo Centres that are wheelchair accessible. There are individually designed programs that we might be able to offer at a different venue.

What is Baston stick fighting?2023-05-21T21:46:35+10:00

Baston stick fighting is a traditionally Filipino martial art that involves using a single (solo) or pair  (dublo) of rattan sticks for self-defence and combat. 

The sticks are used to strike and block attacks from an opponent. It’s great for brain connectivity and helps improve students study habits and focus as it involves dual actions and reactions that utilize the left and right side of the brain.

Is Baston stick fighting only practised in the Philippines?2023-05-21T21:47:02+10:00

No, Baston stick fighting is practised in many countries all around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. It is commonly regarded as the best stick fighting method on the planet.

Do I need any prior martial arts experience to practise baston stick fighting?2023-05-21T21:48:09+10:00

No, beginners are welcome in baston stick fighting classes. Instructors typically teach basic techniques and gradually build up to more advanced techniques as students progress through the 15 level syllabus.

Is baston stick fighting a full-contact sport?2023-05-21T21:49:56+10:00

Traditionally, yes. However, at MTC we do not have full contact with sticks. We do have specialised stick fighting to create a reality based street defence system that is effective and useful. We can and do train at full speed and contact with foam sticks full head and protective body gear.

Is baston stick fighting dangerous?2023-05-21T21:50:56+10:00

As with any martial art or combat sport, there is a risk of injury in Baston stick fighting. Instructors emphasise safety at all times and train with protective equipment. Using proper techniques to minimise the risk of injury.

What are the benefits of practising Baston stick fighting?2023-05-21T21:51:59+10:00

The benefits of practising Baston stick fighting include improved physical fitness, self-defence skills, self-confidence, coordination and discipline. It improves brain function like focus as well as hand eye coordination skills which improves ability in other sports.

What equipment do I need to practise baston stick fighting?2023-05-21T21:52:23+10:00

The only equipment you need to practise baston stick fighting is a pair of rattan sticks, which we supply. You can use the club’s sticks and safety goggles during class.

What is the age requirement for attending a stick fighting class?2023-05-21T21:52:42+10:00

Generally 8+ years.

Is Baston stick fighting only for self-defence, or can it be used in competition?2023-05-21T21:52:59+10:00

Baston stick fighting can be used both for self-defence and in competition. There are many baston stick fighting tournaments and competitions held around the world.

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