• Party Advice, Hints and Tips

  • Food Suggestions

    Kids parties at the MTC are fast, exciting and energetic. Be assured that all guests will be hungry. We have two breaks during the party - the first break is just for drinks, and the second is for food and drink. Our helpful staff will assist parents during the breaks. We have had parties with as few as ten kids right up to sixty-five. See the guide below for our recommendation on feeding your child and friends.

    Food Recommendations

    Depending on the numbers of guests, we suggest the following for every ten guests. Parents know their child and their friends better than we do. Choose one or two of the following. Please don't order everything as you'll have plenty of food to take home.

  • To Drink

    Two (2) Litres of Juice/water for every ten kids.

    To Eat

    • Four to five (4-5) large Pizzas for every ten kids, or/and,
    • Twelve to fourteen (12-14) Hot Dogs for every ten kids, or/and,
    • Twenty to twenty-two (20-22) Sausage rolls for every ten kids, or/and,
    • Twenty to twenty-two (20-22) Party pies for every ten kids.

    Another suggestion is Coles, Safeway or Costco do provide sandwich platters at reasonable prices. Please check with those stores on what requirements you need. You also need to order in advance.

  • The Cake

    Every party deserves a cake. We recommend a cake for cutting (and taking home to eat). For your guests, we suggest a cake-in-a-cup as a takeaway.

    Coles, Safeway or Costco do also provide cakes, or mini-muffins, or other desserts for your convenience.





  • Optional Extras

    Our base package includes games, fun, Martial Arts, and prizes. Parents have asked for extra so we have a list below of extra options for the party. If you find something on the list below you'd like added to your party, please arrange with reception.

  • Face Painting

    ($75 extra)

    Who doesn't like to have their face painted? Our young Team Leaders will paint your guests' faces with whatever design they'd like. All paint is non-toxic, water-based and designed for kids soft skin. Paint is easily removed using water.

  • Helium Balloons

    ($75 extra)

    Balloons have delighted kids ever since 1824, invented by Prof. Michael Faraday. MTC are happy to provide ballons for the party (either with helium or without.)

  • Piñata

    ($65 extra)

    The Mexicans loved this traditional game of a blindfold, a whacking stick, and a Piñata. We'll fill the piñata with plenty of lollies and prizes, then ensure the kids all have a go a go at whacking the target.

  • Nerf Wars

    ($100 extra)

    Nothing says party like shooting at your friends. In our safe controller environment, we'll make sure everyone has fun. We provide all the equipment (weapons, safety goggles, etc) and run the group through a series of scenarios, fun games, and challenges. The games we play can be downloaded here.