• Taekwondo Classes

  • Musketeers

    For ages 4-7. MTC run fast-paced dynamic classes focusing on the traditional Taekwondo martial art. Plenty of practical self-defence techniques, fitness, and fun. Each class is tailored to the age group and interests of the students. The club also teaches values and discipline with the students, including remembering emergency numbers, parents contact details, their home address and how to deal with strangers. We focus on physical fitness, flexibility, self-defence, situational awareness, and working with a team.

  • Juniors

    For ages 8-12. Taekwondo is an exciting, fun and energetic Korean martial art and Olympic sport, characterised not only by its use of blocks and punches but also by its emphasis on dynamic kicking. Taekwondo uses moves such as sidekicks, roundhouses and back kicks, sometimes in conjunction with spinning and jumping manoeuvres.

    Taekwondo also focuses on the development of important skills to prepare you for life, including confidence, respect, discipline, concentration, hand/foot/eye coordination, as well as health and fitness. Our Taekwondo classes have been specially designed to give you and/or your child the edge needed to succeed in life.

  • Seniors

    For ages 13+. The Seniors class is for adults who want to lose weight, learn practical self-defence and develop their Taekwondo techniques in a safe, fun and welcoming environment. All classes are carefully planned and designed to progress you steadily towards Black Belt. Enjoying the process, you will create winning habits and disciplines that will positively affect other areas of your life.

  • Fight Class

    For blue belts and up, or with permission from the instructor; this is far more than just Taekwondo sparring! It's fun and fitness as well! Our focus is on developing skills for Taekwondo sparring competitions. Competing in competitions is open to all Yellow 3 stripes and above (or with Instructor approval), this class focuses on developing skills for Taekwondo sparring competitions, including the Olympics. Always bring your protective gear to train in! Please note class does involve full contact sparring. Fight Class is broken up into five Squad levels:

    • Squad level 1 (S1) - Branch level competition
    • Squad level 2 (S2) - Club level competition
    • Squad level 3 (S3) - State level competition
    • Squad level 4 (S4) - National level competition
    • Elite - International competition level
  • Poomsae & Grading Class

    For yellow 3 stripes and up. This amazing class is run by the black belts for students looking to improve ... well, everything! If you want to vastly improve your Poomsae (patterns) techniques, or grading Self Developed, or Self-Defence, black belt terminology, etc. Just let the instructors know what you want to work on specifically.

    Check our timetable for our class schedule.

  • Mums, Dads and Kids Classes

    On Thursdays and Fridays, we run combined Juniors and Seniors classes so Mums and Dads can join in with their kids. Join in for a two-week trial and see what you think. It is loads of fun, Taekwondo, kicking, and learning how to defend yourself.