Meet Our Team

We at MTC Ringwood are a passionate and dedicated team of coaches and mentors. We are committed to helping students realize their martial arts goals. Our experience has taught us that each student is unique with their own individual needs.

With an understanding heart, we strive to provide an environment where all individuals can feel supported, safe and empowered to take on any challenge.

We encourage all students of all ages and fitness abilities to challenge themselves, live a healthier lifestyle with the values, virtues, compassion and confidence that comes from a stronger mind, body and spirit.

Our adult instructors have National Criminal History Record Check, Working with Children Check, and First Aid qualifications.

Jamie Marsh

Director & TKD Grandmaster Instructor

Boxing/Kickboxing Head Instructor, MMA Head Instructor, BJJ Instructor, Weapons Instructor

Bill Howden

TKD Guest Grandmaster Instructor

Tony Devlin

TKD Lead Master Instructor

Boxing/Kickboxing Senior Instructor, MMA Asst. Instructor

Tony Brooks

TKD Guest Master Instructor

Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor, Judo Instructor

Kieran Booth

TKD Senior Instructor

Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor

Julian Hertan

TKD Senior Instructor

Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor, MMA Instructor

Ian Ampongan

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Taekwondo Senior Instructor, Weapons Asst. Instructor

Michael Woodrow

TKD Senior Instructor

MMA Instructor, BJJ Asst. Instructor, Weapons Asst. Instructor

Paul Santiago

Boxing & Baston Instructor

Taekwondo Instructor

Tyler Marsh

TKD Instructor

Boxing Instructor, MMA Asst. Instructor

Ben St Clair

TKD Instructor

Boxing Instructor, MMA Asst. Instructor

Emily Moore

TKD Instructor

Grace Walton

TKD Assistant Instructor

Patrick McConachy

TKD Assistant Instructor

Nate Lucas

TKD Trainee Instructor

Claire Weber

TKD Trainee Instructor

Jordi Shanks

TKD Trainee Instructor

Isaac Doungas

TKD Trainee Instructor

Peter Bedggood

TKD Trainee Instructor


MTC Mascot

Jeremy Walton

Admin Talent & Support

Germaine Chan

Website & Marketing

Chris Gardiner-Bill

Writer & Dev Wizard

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