• 2018 TVI Winter Invitational Results

  • Congratulations to everyone who faced their fears and challenged themselves yesterday. What an amazing and fulfilling day which could not have been created without the support of all the parents, Mr Michael Woodrow and Master Instructor Mr Bill Howden.
    Brilliant results from the Sparring team.
    Wyatt T – 3x Gold
    Elliott L – 1x Gold, 1x Silver
    Nathan M – 1x Gold, 1x Silver
    Sofia H – Gold
    Jack H – Gold
    Ben St C – Gold
    Sarah A – Silver
    Amy C – Silver
    Tyler M – Bronze
    Teleah B – Bronze
    Adrian A – Bronze
    Special mention to our only female Poomsae competitor:
    Grace W – Who competed at her first Victorian State Championship, and made everyone truly proud.
    Well done everyone!
    – MTC Team