• Saturday Taekwondo Grading Schedule – 1st December 2018

  • The end of term gradings are almost here!  Just a reminder to parents and students that there are certain requirements before we can invite a student to grade.  The first is the student must have attended a minimum of 80% of their classes for the term, and during that time the student has proven to the instructor/s that they are ready to move to the next belt or stripe.  If you haven’t received an invite to the grading, please talk with the head instructor (or senior instructors) in-class or via email.

    All classes for the grading day are cancelled for the day.  Please select another day to do a make-up martial arts class.

    Musketeers going for White 1 to Orange belt.
    Start @ 8:30am. Finish approx. 9:30am.

    Musketeers going for Orange 1 to Blue 2
    Start @ 9:30am. Finish approx. 10:30am.

    Juniors going for White 1 to Blue 1.
    Start @ 10:30am. Finish approx. 12:30pm.


    We recommend to students to practice their patterns, self-defence, and terminology at least thirty minutes each day at home. The syllabus is available in the Student section on the website. https://martialarts.com.au/students/

    If a student can’t make the grading day, we do offer an in-class grading option for an extra $20 (subject to instructor availability.) Talk with reception to organise this.

    Please show up at the correct grading time for the belt you are going for. e.g. If on the grading invitation you’re going for Blue 2, show up for that grading time.

    If you or your student has any questions, please contact reception or speak with an instructor. Please ask any questions BEFORE the grading – not on the grading day as we will be very busy then.

    Thanks everyone! Good luck, and practice as much as you can.

    – MTC Team