• Fight Club – 18th May @ Glen Waverley

  • Hi everyone. Our Fight Club for term 2 is on the 18th May. It will be based at the Glen Waverley club.

    We have divided the students into two groups (according to age and skill level.)

    GROUP 1 (8-12 years)
    Novice and intermediate child/youth

    GROUP 2 (13-17 years)
    Experienced youth/intermediate-experienced cadets and juniors
    With the option of head kicks (head guard with face protector)

    The time schedule is as follows:

    GROUP 1 = 2.00-3.30pm
    GROUP 2 = 4.00-5.30pm

    See our website page for further information.

    Please speak with Master Jamie Marsh if you have any questions.

    See you there.
    MTC Team