• Term 3 Starts – 15th July 2019

  • Hi everyone, We’re back! Hope you all had a great holiday. We start back at the club on Monday, 15th July 2019.

    If you missed your grading results, certificates, etc please let reception know before your class begins, and we’ll be sure to hand those out in class. Nb – Grading results cannot be given out if the last term’s grading fees haven’t been paid. Please organise this with reception.

    This term we have the following club events:

    • ATVI Vic Selections – 28th July
    • Fight Club – 10th August @ Ringwood club
    • Taekwondo, Boxing and MMA Gradings in September
    • Bring-Your-Friends week x 2

    Hope everyone has been keeping their fitness up, practising their patterns and self-defence over the holidays.

    See you next week!
    The MTC team