• Back to Training in 2021

  • Dear MTC Member,

    The year of 2020 has been a challenging time for us all.

    As the end of the year draws near, we anticipate a new start in 2021. We will be returning to face-to-face classes at our centre in Ringwood on Monday 1st February 2020. Time to get back on the mats!

    We sincerely thank our members, parents and friends for the support you have shown us this year, during the rollercoaster that has been the year 2020. This support has enabled our club to not only survive, but adapt to new challenges including online classes. It has been a new learning experience not only for students, but the instructors and staff as well!

    On Zoom we have seen one another’s living rooms, kitchens, spare rooms, cats and dogs! Every evening it was time to push the furniture back, turn the computer on and get stuck into some training.

    ***** Free School Holiday Program *****

    We will be running a free school holiday program during January 2021 for all members. It will be a combination of Zoom classes and face-to-face classes in Halliday Park. The timetable will be published shortly.

    Please invite as many friends and family members as possible to come and try our online and park face-to-face classes. We sincerely need your help over the coming months to advertise, market, and let everyone in Melbourne know we are back kicking!

    So, if you can help promote and get the word out that we are here, we would greatly and sincerely appreciate it.
    Remember: EVERY NEW STUDENT gets a FREE TWO WEEK trial period.
    Tell all your family, friends, work colleagues and school mates via Facebook, Instagram or even Carrier Pidgeon!

    Now, for some admin stuff about fees.

    1. Current Direct Debit Agreements

    For those members on current Direct Debit agreements there is nothing to do, unless you want attend more classes. Payments will still be regularly made on a fortnightly basis. Please be advised that early in January our annual membership fee will automatically be charged ($89.00 per student). so please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover this.

    2. Suspended Direct Debit Agreements

    IMPORTANT: For those members who have suspended their direct debit agreements until face-to-face classes resume, payments are scheduled to resume on 1st January 2021.

    IMPORTANT: If you want to keep your direct debit payments suspended, you MUST contact us via email before 1st January 2021. Otherwise the regular payments, including the $89.00 annual membership fee, will be levied starting on 1st January 2020. Please indicate in your email the reason for your continued suspension, as this will assist us in processing your request.

    3. Term Fees

    Term fees can be paid as usual (either by direct bank transfer, or in person in Term 1 2021).

    4. E-Learning Fees

    If you are on our special E-Learning Online Only fee structure, you will need to change back to regular fees.

    5. Requests for Fee Changes:
    We have to update our database, so we need your help! 😉

    Please send us an email to info@martialarts.com.au with:
    > Student Name(s)
    > Number of classes per week, for each Student
    > Payment method (direct debit or term fee)
    > Remember that direct debit is much cheaper!

    After you have sent us the email, we will update your fees in our database and send you the amount you would pay for the fortnight or term.

    These fees will start from the 1st of January 2021 if you are on direct debit (remember that direct debit fees are spread across the 52 weeks of the year), plus the annual membership fee, ($89.00 for student insurance and all memberships).

    We would really appreciate it if you can send the email with the details above as soon as you can before 31st December 2020.

    If you want to attend additional classes or take some off your membership, then please go to our website and you will find the new timetable:


    Have a Happy Holiday and stay safe.

    We are very excited to see you soon!!

    Yours in fitness and health,
    Jamie, David and the MTC Team.