• School Holiday Catch-Up Program (For All Members) – Term 2 Holidays

  • Dear Members, students, staff, parents, family and friends,

    During the school holidays MTC Ringwood will be running a Catch-Up program for all members, family and friends. Normally we take a break during the holidays, however this time we are training all the way through.

    We are doing this to thank all our members for your support and loyalty, which is needed and sincerely appreciated.

    Class times will follow our regular timetable.. so come along! Come to as many classes as you like! Unlimited training. Absolutely free for you, your family and friends.

    We do ask you to tell your friends and everyone you know about MTC Ringwood, and invite them along!

    Catch-Up Timetable

    Taekwondo (including Musketeers, Juniors, Seniors, Fight Class and Patterns): Normal class times

    Boxing: Mondays only (normal class time)

    MMA: Wednesdays only (normal class time)

    Taekwondo Black Belts: Thursdays 7:25pm: class not running

    We will see you then!

    Best Regards,
    Jamie, David and the MTC Team.