MTC Ringwood is excited to announce we’ve given our club a fresh lick of paint — and in more ways than one.

Reception area

Have you ever felt like our first-rate training space was let down by our second-rate reception area? If you thought it was a bit crowded, cluttered, dingy, or tired, you’d be right.  Not the impression we want to make, nor the experience we want for our visitors, parents and students.

We felt the same, and we’ve done something about it!

So, over a frantic term break, we’ve hammered, sawed, nailed and spruced up our reception area to clear the clutter and better use our space. Now that the dust has literally settled, we’d love to show you a sneak peek!

The space is a lot cleaner and more welcoming. Parents, friends and visitors can sit comfortably and watch our incredible students in class.


For several months, MTC’s digital house elves have been quietly rebuilding and redesigning of club’s website. But it’s more than a makeover; we’ve cleaned house. Gone are the stock photos, stale design and all the accumulated bloat from those Covid train-at-home days that we’d all rather forget. We’re still tweaking it here and there, and you may notice the occasional glitch or lag (do let us know)

The redesign is only the beginning, and it’s given us a great digital platform from which to grow and improve our online brand. We’re going to make it better for our students, instructors, friends and visitors. That means more content, more news, and more often.

MTC wishes to give an enormous shout-out to Germaine for her work on the new site. Germaine, a highly experienced brand manager, artist and designer, who happens to be one of our black belts, managed the project from beginning to end, handling all the design, content and technical wizardry single-handedly.

A special word of thanks from Jamie, our club’s director

A huge, heartfelt thanks to all who support MTC Ringwood and Martial Arts. Our new look MTC Ringwood would not be possible without the help and ongoing support of these people:

  • My partner and best friend Jo, and my son Tyler
  • Masters Bill Howden & Andrew Rozinsky
  • Bernie victor
  • Tony Devlin
  • Tony brooks
  • Alfie Dellorso
  • Harry saltis
  • Ian Ampongam
  • Julian Hertan
  • Peter Bedggood
  • Cameron singleton
  • Grant Jones
  • Steve Wilson
  • Daniel Meehan
  • Germaine Chan
  • Julia, Tyler, Alexandra & Alex
  • Jason & Ben
  • Grace Jeremy & Karen
  • Rohan Alex & Charlotte
  • Nate Katrina  & Kalini
  • Cass
  • Ezra
  • Thomas
  • Claire
  • Michael & Matias
  • Glen & Belinda
  • All our instructors,  team leaders & many others


Jamie & the MTC T.E.A.M.