ATV Autumn Open 2024 Sparring Competition Results

On March 24th, several of our members competed in the ATV Autumn Open Sparring novice competition.

For the majority of our members, it was their first time competing.

Yes, there were nerves.
Yes, it was an emotional rollercoaster ride (even for those with prior competition experience).
Yes, it was a physical, mental, and emotional challenge for everybody.

And we are immensely proud of our members for showing up, rising up, and being in the arena to challenge themselves.

A special mention goes to the following members and their achievements:
Ben St Clair – Gold 🥇
Germaine Chan – Gold 🥇
Nate Lucas – Gold 🥇
Rosario – Gold 🥇
Josh Ng – Silver 🥈
Charlotte Peter – Silver 🥈
Henry Kaminski – Bronze 🥉
Grace Walton – Bronze 🥉
Isaac Doungas – Bronze 🥉

(We also want to point out a few of our members had to leave after their match so we weren’t able to take a complete group shot)

Congratulations again to everybody who competed! We look forward to seeing you compete in the upcoming tournaments! 👏

Big thank you to Grandmaster Jamie Marsh and Ben St Clair for coaching our members. Thank you Master Ian Ampongan who leads our Fight Class and is integral to our fighters preparations and stood by everyones side on the day. Many thanks to. Julian, Joan, Jeremy, Kieran, Belinda, Rhonda, Lucas, and our MTC community who were present on the day supporting our team in one way or another. 🙏