Hi everyone. Due to COVID19 requirements “Fight Club 2021” will NOT be running this year.

Please note this may change as we get further into the term and we’ll advise if the event will run.

If you have any questions please talk with your local club instructors.

– The MTC Team.



Welcome to Fight Club 2021!

The first rule of Fight Club is to tell all your fellow fighters about Fight Club. The event runs four times a year (once a term) at either MTC Ringwood or MTC Glen Waverley clubs. This page will list the dates and any changes to those dates (or times) throughout the year. So check back often to this page. Please download this poster and put it up in your club. Click here for the MTC Fight Club Spreadsheet.

You and your fight squad are cordially invited to the MTC Fight Club event. An event designed to help prepare, challenge and help our players and fight programs to grow. Exclusive to MTC branches and members. As dates and times are subject to change, we HIGHLY recommend using the iPhone/Android Team App for updates. Search for “Fight Squad” or go to their website, https://fightsquad.teamapp.com/


Date to be advised.


Date to be advised.

Date to be advised.

Date to be advised.

  • Each club attending must bring a minimum of one coach/referee for every ten players.
  • Each player must be a member of MTC and have sports insurance.
  • Suitable for squad level 1 (branch level), squad level 2 (club level), squad level 3 (state level) competitors.

  • The event’s competition rules and regulations, draw, and processes will be decided on the day and determined by the head officials who have the final say. This will be based on time available and information such as numbers of players, their height weight experience and skill levels.
  • There may be individual or Team events and even demonstration fights on the day. martial arts tutorials and demonstrations Winners certificate /acknowledgments.

What do the fighters bring?

A winning attitude, your best behaviour, your desire for lots of fun, and also all protective equipment including mouth-guard, shield, and head-guard.