Club Mission

The MTC mission is one of commitment. A commitment to provide World Class age appropriate effective Martial Arts instruction to each and every one of our students. This is done in a fun, family-friendly, clean, safe and positive environment that promotes mutual respect and courtesy.

This helps create our culture that encourages, motivates and inspires people of all ages to challenge themselves, to lead a healthy more balanced lifestyle with the values, virtues, compassion, and confidence that comes from a stronger mind, body and spirit created through Martial Arts. This is based on our unwavering belief that Martial Arts profoundly improves lives.

When people ask me about what I learned from martial arts, I don’t talk about favorite punches or kicks, or about fights won or lost.
I talk about learning self-discipline, about ethics and manners and benevolence and fairness.

– Jonathan Maberry

Our Five-point Principle


ABC of Values

Achievements, Accountability, Acknowledging others and being responsiveness:

  • Working in a way that gets things done to a high standard.
  • Being accountable for your own training work and time.
  • Acknowledge, recognise, reward and praise good work.
  • Responding to others in a timely way.

Behaving ethically

  • Handling information / situations with the utmost care and follow our values

Connecting and open communication

  • Keep people informed, involved and up to date. Take the time to get to know people. Be honest and open with transparent interactions

Do have passion

  • Contributing to the buzz or vibe in the room. Bring a positive attitude and passion to each task.


  • Supporting others. Sharing knowledge and treating people fairly.

First and foremost have FUN

  • Smile saying hello. Laugh and tell age appropriate jokes. Feel happy being there.

Go with integrity

  • Accept accountability for your actions. Keep your word and follow through. Be honest fair and reliable.

Helping others

  • Engage with students and parents. Commit to achieving customer and community goals. Correct service problems professionally, promptly and improve standards.


  • Sharing knowledge and experiences while respecting and accepting peoples differences when we include them in our activities.

Just respect everyone

  • Treat everyone with respect. Seek understand and accept different approaches and perspectives / beliefs. Show consideration for others ideas and contribution.

Keep it going

  • Make it happen. Think and plan ahead. Focus on agreed priorities. Deliver on commitments, time lines and expectations. Be responsive flexible and understanding.

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