Master Jamie Marsh

Director & Master Instructor

Master Jamie Marsh is the director and founder of the Martial Arts Training Company, founded in 1999.

He has successfully competed in State, National, International events. He coaches the sparring squad and runs the team leader program. Master Marsh is a movie buff, motivational speaker use to be a dancer comic and entertainer and done lots of commercial & tv work including bit parts in films.

“I’m a movie buff and motivational speaker. I used to be a dancer, comic and entertainer and have done lots of commercial & TV work including bit parts in films. I am always working towards my next grading. “


  • Taekwondo – 7th Dan (Kukkiwon) & 6th Dan (Jidokwan)
  • Boxing – 5th Dan equivalent
  • MMA – 4th Dan
  • Hapkido – 2nd Dan
  • Kickboxing – 1st Dan equivalent
  • Krav Maga – 1st Dan equivalent
  • Weapons – Instructor ranking
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Purple belt
  • Po Khek Kung Fu – Red sash
  • <insert all the titles and championships here>


  • Certificate in …..
  • All other checks and qualifications etc


  • Taekwondo – Mon, Tues, Wed & Sat
  • MMA – Mon & Wed
  • Boxing/Kickboxing – Mon & Wed