• 2021 Taekwondo Poomsae Seminar – 7th February 2021

  • Hi everyone, Grand Master Russell Wood and Grand Master Robert Schembri will be running a Poomsae seminar on Sunday 7th February 20201. This is a great opportunity for those students (and instructors) wanting to get into Poomsae competition, or just refine their Poomsae skills. This Seminar will cover the following: Poomsae Practice with video Revision, overview on Basic Movements plus all Taegeuks and Black belt forms.

    Suitable for Blue Belts through to Black Belts and Poomsae Judges.

    Please email your interest & permission from head instructor David Cronin (info@martialart.com.au) BEFORE registering via email to russellrobertwood@outlook.com

    Venue: Schembri’s Taekwondo Centre, 445 Grimshaw Street, Bundoora.
    Registration: 8.30am, Seminar Start Time: 9 AM to 4 PM.
    Cost: $25.00 per application (Payment to be made on the day)
    Coffee and Biscuits supplied.

    Please bring your face mask, Taekwondo uniform and water bottle.