• Term 1 Starts – 1st February 2021

  • Hi everyone, We’re back! Hope you all had a great holiday and a great start to the New Year. We start face-to-face classes at the club on Monday, 1st February 2021.

    We are following the Victorian Govt COVID19 rules with our classes:
    – It is a condition of entry into the building to ‘check in’ via the DHHS QR code. Poster will be available at the front entrance and waiting area.
    – We also have hand sanitising stations and we expect all students to sanitise their hands before and after classes.
    – Classes will also be no-contact between students or instructors.
    – All students should wear their uniform to/from the classes wherever possible.
    – Uniforms should be washed before/after class sessions.

    IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT COME TO CLASSES. Get better first before returning to the club.

    There is a new class timetable for term one. Click the link below for the latest updates.

    This term we have the following club events:

    – Taekwondo, Boxing, BJJ and MMA Gradings in March
    – Bring-Your-Friends week x 2
    – MMA/BJJ Seminar at the end of term

    We also have a public holiday on the 8th March for Labour day (Please come to another day to do a make-up class.)

    Hope everyone has been keeping their fitness up, practising their patterns and self-defence over the holidays.

    See you next week!

    The MTC team