Results are In

You never know what could happen unless you try.

At the end of last term, 13 of our members (12 black belts and 1 blue belt) competed in the Scotland Open online competition, joining over 400 participants from across the globe.

MTC Ringwood is incredibly proud to announce that every single one of our participants won a medal!

A special mention goes to the following members:

Belinda Lee, Germaine Chan & Grace Walton – Gold 🥇

Isaac Doungas & Grace Walton – Gold 🥇
Ben St Clair & Jordan Shanks – Silver 🥈

Grace Walton – Gold 🥇

Peter Bedggood – Gold 🥇
Belinda Lee – Gold 🥇
Theodore Zammit – Gold 🥇
Gideon Zammit – Gold 🥇
Germaine Chan – Silver 🥈
Matthew Tan – Silver 🥈
Cass Hansen – Bronze 🥉
Grace Walton – Bronze 🥉
Isaac Doungas – Bronze 🥉
Georgina Yeo – Bronze 🥉

Congratulations to everybody who participated, and a big thank you to Grandmaster Jamie Marsh for supporting our members as well as Jeremy Walton for recording everyone’s submissions and organizing their entries. 🙏