Results are In

Three of our club members recently took part in Australian Taekwondo Victoria’s Poomsae State Championships, showcasing their skill and dedication as black belts.

They performed to the best of the ability, embodying the spirit and discipline of Taekwondo.

Their success not only highlights their personal achievements but also brings great pride to our club.

Congratulations to our competitors!

Individual – 2nd Dan (Koryo & Keumgang)

Isaac Doungas – Gold 🥇 (15 – 17 years)

Individual – 3rd Dan (Keumgang & Taebek)
Germaine Chan – Gold 🥇 (31 – 40 years)
Grace Walton – Silver 🥈 (15 – 17 years)

We were also very excited to have our first inter-branch pairs compete. (who also chose to take a short time out from being mothers and compete on Mother’s Day)

Pairs – 31-45 years / WT (Taebek)
Belinda Lee (MTC Glen Waverley) & Germaine Chan – Gold 🥇

Well done to our club members who competed, and a big thank you to Grandmaster Jamie Marsh for supporting our black belts on the day.