• We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands and pay our respects to Elders, past and present.


    Mission Statement

    The MTC mission is one of commitment. A commitment to provide World Class age appropriate effective Martial art instruction to each and every one of our students. This is done in a fun, family-friendly, clean, safe and positive environment that promotes mutual respect and courtesy. This helps create our culture that encourages, motivates and inspires people of all ages to challenge themselves, to lead a healthy more balanced lifestyle with the values, virtues, compassion, and confidence that comes from a stronger mind, body and spirit created through Martial arts.

    This is based on our unwavering belief that Martial arts profoundly improves lives.

    This is achieved through a five-point principle.

    The first is our diverse syllabus which incorporates modern, effective defensive techniques, tools, tactics and strategies with traditional Martial arts values and philosophies.

    The second is our Instructors. The two head instructors are both State National and International gold medalists with a combined Martial art experience that spans over 60 years. Both are 6th danTaekwondo master instructors in Jidokwan as well as Kukkiwon. Both are also instructors in several different Martial art styles. All MTC instructors have a working with children card and hold a current First Aid certificate, and all go through a continuous, lengthy and ongoing teaching program that consistently enhances their skills and in turn the skills, confidence, and knowledge of the students.

    The third is our students who are the main reason and purpose we are here. The MTC team has a goal – and that is to help you reach your goals. We believe and live by the acronyms; TEAM and HOPE (Together Everyone Achieves More) by (Helping Other People Everyday.)

    The fourth is our facility. We take great pride in keeping it clean and making it safe. We are constantly improving our facilities with new-to-market equipment. We provide showers, a personal training studio which has a rehabilitation area, as well as equipment to deliver a recovery program for our elite athletes. We have a great games area for the kids and parents with air hockey, free wifi, the latest magazines, and so much more. Not to mention its one of the largest, and best equipped, training areas in Australia.

    The fifth is service. Service with a smile is our service standard. The service our staff give the students and parents is based on the culture of MTC which embodies enthusiasm, honour, and respect.

    Written by Jamie Marsh

  • Child Safe Standards

    From 1 January 2017, the Victorian Child Safety Standards will apply to sporting organisations that operate and provide sporting services to children within Victoria (including National Sporting Organisations). There are seven different requirements which make up the standards, and with which sports will be required to comply.

    The standards relate to child protection within your organisation and include requirements to have practices, procedures and policies in place. In the lead up to implementation, sporting organisations should now be starting to look at reviewing their compliance with the standards and considering if the culture and environment within their organisation is supportive and protective of children.

    Please refer to the below headings for further support, resources & information on the standards, upcoming events, and key contacts.


    Child Safe Standards - About
    Child Safe Standards - What Are They
    Child Safe Standards - What A Child Safe Organisation Looks Like
    Child Safe Standards - What A Child Safe Club Looks Like
    Child Safe Standards - What Steps Do We Need To Take
    Child Safe Standards - Applying The Standards To Vulnerable Groups
    Child Safe Standards - Review Template
    Child Safe Standards - Review Action Plan


    Cultural safety for Aboriginal children
    Safety of children with a disability
    Empowerment and participation of children
    Safety of children from culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds

    More information can be found on the Vicsports website. https://vicsport.com.au/child-safe-standards


  • Codes and Policies

  • Extreme Weather Policy

    Between October to March, Martial Arts Training Company will be implementing its ‘Hot Weather Policy’ for all classes. This entails the following;

    • Scheduled classes will continue to run on days with high temperatures. We have fans and A/C so cancelling classes isn't required.
    • The instructors will modify class activities to ensure students avoid heat stress. This may be in the form of more theory and knowledge transfer and less energetic activities.
    • All students are required to wear their Doboks (uniforms) which should also be clean, ironed and neat. The only exception to this is the Fight Fit/Fight Class.
    • Students are to bring their own water bottles to all classes.
    • Extra drink breaks will be taken.
    • The usage of a small towel to soak up a sweat in class is permitted.
    • Students who feel unwell during training should advise the instructor immediately so heat stress prevention can be applied.

    For further information, please speak with Reception and/or the Head Instructors.