Firstly we recommend bringing your child down for a FREE two-week trial. Generally, by the end of two weeks, you’ll know if your child is still keen to learn Taekwondo. When you know they can’t wait to get back to classes, talk with our helpful reception to determine the best class (or classes), fees and so on that suit your wants and budget. 

We have a number of different instructors and it’s quite common for children to gravitate to one or more  of them. We not only want your child to have fun get fit and make friends in this inclusive dynamic environment we create marvellous memories with thousands of positive moments.  If you would like to talk with the instructor please let reception know so they can arrange a quick chat – please note that the instructor may be busy however reception, another instructor or black belt may be able to assist you with your inquiry.we will always do our best to help and support our students their goals are our goals. 

If your child is shy or hesitant, we do recommend if it is possible they come with a friend or family member as this familiar entity will help build their familiar confidence in this new and exciting environment that will enrich their lives.