How long are the classes?

2023-05-16T21:55:44+10:00May 16, 2023||

Classes are designed per age group and broken into sections that support various areas of development: Musketeers (4-7 years) is 25 min, Juniors (8-12 years) is 40 min and Seniors (13+) is 55 min.

What kind of championships do you run and how often?

2023-05-16T23:54:32+10:00November 2, 2022||

We hold competitions at a branch club state national and international level including pathways to the Olympics.  Melbourne Taekwondo Centre is proud to say we have  had one or more people representing Australia at the Olympic level for over two decades.  Melbourne Taekwondo Centre boasts Australia's first world champions in both [Read More]

What is a team leader?

2023-05-16T23:54:16+10:00November 2, 2022||

A Team Leader is a student who wants to give back and help others. They assist and help teach various groups in classes. It’s an amazing program not offered to all students as we only choose responsible reliable respectful resourceful behaviours and we teach them advanced communication skills based on [Read More]

Can I organise a private lesson?

2023-05-16T23:54:12+10:00November 2, 2022||

Yes, MTC offers private lessons in Taekwondo, Boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Personal Training (PT) on request.  You can work one-on-one or as a group with an instructor to hone a difficult technique or skill, maybe work on a specific goal or just catch up on a class. Please speak with [Read More]

Will I lose weight doing Taekwondo?

2023-05-16T23:53:59+10:00November 2, 2022||

Yes, Taekwondo and all martial arts burns calories. That said, it is dependent not just on what your fitness routine is like outside of Taekwondo, but also on your nutrition. As with anything, have a solid intention on what your health goals are and maintain consistency with your fitness regime and [Read More]

How long will it take to get my black belt in Taekwondo?

2023-05-16T23:53:41+10:00November 2, 2022||

This is highly dependent on how often you train and your commitment level. On average most people obtain their black belt in Taekwondo in about 4-6 years. Your progress is entirely up to you. If you keep showing up for classes, you'll progress. If you practice at home, you'll progress faster. Like [Read More]

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