A Team Leader is a student who wants to give back and help others. They assist and help teach various groups in classes. It’s an amazing program not offered to all students as we only choose responsible reliable respectful resourceful behaviours and we teach them advanced communication skills based on empathy patience understanding and awareness After atleast 1-2 year  period of time, a student can request to join the Team Leader Program. 

A team leader must  know their syllabus (up to their belt level) so they are  able to help teach others in other classes a TL condition is they still  train in their own classes. We start the Team Leader with a black belt  instructor who will show them what to teach, how to teach, how to communicate with other students, motivate and most of all, have lots of fun being part of shared experiences with kids from all walks of life. We pick from the group of Team Leaders for assisting at events such as Movie Night, Birthday parties, etc, and are rewarded for their time. 

There is a whole lot more to the Team Leader Program.

It’s a highly developed educational program that will create and instill skills that will help your child for the rest of their lives 

Note: We only take the most reliable and respectful people from our team leader program into our trainee instructors program which have units of competencies which reflect the standards of a Cert. III in Training

Most of the information is found in the Student section which has a password. Please contact reception for the password, or alternatively, the student can talk with the Senior or Head Instructors.