How long will it take me to get my black belt in MMA?

2023-05-16T22:09:02+10:00May 16, 2023||

This is highly dependent on how often you train in MMA as well as your other martial art classes. Our ranking system matches an international ranking system and is based on an individual's dedication and training. It’s also worth noting that MMA training is a continuous process, and even experienced [Read More]

Is MMA safe?

2023-05-16T22:03:12+10:00May 16, 2023||

MMA like all martial arts is safe as long as you follow proper technique, wear proper gear, and train with a qualified instructor. And work within your individual range leave your ego at the door and empty your cup. Smile, sweat and have fun.

What should I bring to the MMA class?

2023-05-16T22:02:33+10:00May 16, 2023||

Initially just a water bottle. After a short period of time however you will need a uniform (Gi) and protective equipment such as your shin & arm guards, elbow pads and mouth guard. You must wear a rashie or t-shirt underneath your dobok or gi (martial arts uniform). It is required to [Read More]

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