As a beginner, will I have sore muscles?

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That depends on your personal fitness routine. DOMS (delayed onset muscl soreness) refers to muscle soreness that often develops after engaging in new or high intensity exercise. Although DOMS can be uncomfortable, it is a natural response to exercise and is not usually a cause for concern. Go slow don’t [Read More]

Can I join my child in the classroom?

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For our musketeers classes (ages 4-7), parents/guardians are advised not to be in the class as this can distract your child from independent thinking and lose focus easily. Parents may watch them from our viewing area. On the other hand, if you'd like to participate in Taekwondo with your child [Read More]

What age can kids start and in which class?

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We have age ranges for different classes, such as Musketeers (4-7 years), Juniors (8-12) and Seniors (13+). This guideline in rare circumstances may change. As We do take into account each individual example maturity, prior martial arts experience, and self-motivation is part of the evaluation. Please note: the above is a [Read More]

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